According to a post on the blog Plastic Surgery 101, a 31-year-old woman in China who received breast implants three years ago visited a clinic early this week complaining that one of her breasts had deflated after a hornet sting. Apparently, the woman was wearing a low-cut dress and riding a scooter in the countryside when she was stung. A few days later, she realized that one of her breasts had shrunk. The doctor who treated her found that saline from the implant had leaked, and the woman had to undergo surgery to reconstruct her breast. We think this makes a great pitch for a crappy B movie, Boobeez! The woman would turn into some sort of wasp-waisted superhero and drink stingers. Hollywood, here we come! [Plastic Surgery 101]



Also, I read too fast and thought the Chinese lady was 101. So then I was like, oh my goodness, awesome, she got breast implants at 98 years old. Then I was like, riding a scooter in low cut dress?? Whoa buttons, I gotta read this again!!

Nope. Just Connie being a barely functional illiterate.