About That Iraq Puppy-Throwing Video...

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You have probably seen (or possibly chosen to avoid seeing) the video of the 22-year—old Marine throwing the fluffy white puppy off a cliff. It was apparently shot in Haditha, Iraq, the site of that famous 2005 massacre of noncombatant civilians, and the news follows on the heels of that other great YouTube video of a bunch of British teenagers gang-raping a neighborhood single mom. The puppy is small and adorable and lifeless and white, so at the very least it did not fall victim to doggie discrimination, but naturally, predictably, some bloggers are wondering what all the outrage means — the Marine's name has been posted and his family harassed, Lori Drew-like, on the internet — about the rationale of human compassion.


It is true: a dog is not a person. A dog has no dreams or aspirations or prejudices or hates or real future. A dog is simply an amiable species of animal on which we humans choose to project all the good and kind and unprejudicial characteristics we wish were not so scarce in humans. At least, I assume that is why we post all those pictures of them all the time. If you choose to reject and/or denounce these characteristics as irrational or unproductive, as the refuge of the suckers and the weak and the easily manipulable, well, I hope your obsessive self-documentation of that bold new philosophy at least hastens the process by which you realize what an idiot you are, dude.

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@eraserheadpixies: Maybe I mis-typed? Firestarting, bedwetting and CRUELTY to animals. Loving animals makes you a normal human being. Tossing them off cliffs, killing them and cutting them up for fun, etc. makes you a serial killer.

There are plenty of soldiers who go to war who don't ever hurt an innocent animal (aside from ones they may have to kill and eat for food, depending on which war, where they are, the sitaution, etc... man, people eat people when they have to; sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do). Throwing a puppy off a cliff is a clear and obvious sign that someone is a sociopath. He needs to be, erm, detained for further counseling when he gets home. Preferably somewhere with strong restraints.