About a year ago Japanese surgeon Ikufumi Yamada and his wife Yuki Yamada went to Anand, India to contract with a surrogate mother to carry their child for a cost of about $2,500 US. In the subsequent months, Yuki decided she wanted little else to do with Ikufumi or their child, born a couple of weeks ago and named Manji. Sad news all around, but Ikufumi decided that he, indeed, wanted to keep his child. Unfortunately for him, Manji and his mother Emiko, Indian law states that a single man cannot adopt a child and their surrogacy laws are non-existent so he is not recognized as the father, either. He's now got to sue the Indian government to adopt his own child or else his Manji will be placed in an orphanage. Hopefully logic will prevail, but hoping for logic to prevail doesn't get Manji back to Japan and her father. [AFP]


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Yuki needs to suck it up and do the right thing until that baby comes home.