Abortion-Seekers in Texas Must Look at Sonogram, as if They Didn't Already Know What Was in There

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A judge has ruled that it's perfectly legal for the state of Texas to require women seeking abortions to first look at a sonogram, listen to the fetal heartbeat, and listen to a doctor's speil about possible dire consequences that could befall them for choosing to terminate their pregnancies. Don't Mess with Fetus!

The controversial sonogram law, HB15, was on hold due to a judge's injunction. But last month, a panel of judges decided that the law didn't violate anyone's rights because doctors were only providing women with medically accurate information. And on Monday, it went into effect.

Shockingly, women who decide to continue their pregnancies will not have the consequences of that choice explained to them, nor will the doctor be required to condescendingly read aloud the average cost of birth and delivery, how much a mother can expect to spend on diapers in a year, or how much college is projected to cost in the year 2030.


Texas abortion sonogram law now in effect after court ruling [Yahoo]

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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

So, wait a second, because I'm confused.

This is a state where they're trying to require looking at proof of a fetus's existence before a woman can get an abortion, but they want to try teaching creationism, which can never have any sort of verifiable proof?

I'm sensing a disconnect here.