In an interesting essay posted on The Hairpin, Dolores P., a woman who's training to become an abortion provider, explains what it's like to walk past protesters on your way to work, and the hardships her patients go through to get medical treatment. She decided she wanted to help women terminate their pregnancies after having an abortion herself, and learning that there are fewer than 2,000 abortion providers in the U.S. and the number is declining. She writes:

I went into healthcare in general because of a bunch of shitty gynecologists growing up who told me, for instance, that "when you" (me) "have sex with so many people" (I, like, halved the real number) "so young" (18) that "none of them care about you" (me). I figured the most direct way to ensure that there wasn't a total asshole at the bottom of the table was to do it myself.


Ask An Abortion Provider [The Hairpin]

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