Abortion Isn't The Only Thing Pro-Life Activists Want To Make Illegal

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It's already illegal for taxpayer money to be used to fund abortions in Texas, but that's not enough for one anti-choice group. In a telecast on Monday, they announced that this spring, they're going to throw their efforts behind eliminating all funding from Planned Parenthood, by attacking local sources of funding. Even private donations.

The American Independent reports that 8,000 people watched the telecast, presented by 40 Days for Life, organization with a logo that creepily resembles a triumphant fetus fist-pumping while emerging from the birth canal. During the program, directors called for money from their supporters, gleefully crowing that an anonymous donation of more than $100,000 would match their tax-deductible contributions. Those donations would be used to attempt to shut off all sources of funding to Planned Parenthood in Texas— including eliminating corporate and individual donations. Unfortunately for the women who need Planned Parenthood's services, hugs and grateful glances don't pay for medical care.

If 40 Days for Life sounds familiar, that's because they're best known for being the new employer of Abby Johnson, the disgruntled former PP director who is best known for her obviously bullshit story that she became pro-life after witnessing a fetal ultrasound (because how can someone work for Planned Parenthood for years without knowing how an ultrasound looks?). In the inevitable book about her "conversion," Johnson spoke ill of the organization, saying that that the place is a fetus hungry abortion factory with quotas and sales goals. She stopped short of claiming that the contraception-promoting organization awarded free trips to Orlando for the abortionists doing the biggest numbers.


New 40 Days employee Susan Thayer is also a "converted" former Planned Parenthood employee whose layoff just so happened to coincide with a complete change of heart. Let go from her post in Storm Lake, Iowa, Thayer echoed Johnson's claim that the organization that gives free or low cost health care to poor women in Texas is basically an abortionapalooza. Hell hath no fury like a former Planned Parenthood employee laid off.

They've already succeeded in eliminating some funding streams. The state of Texas has cut more than $110 million in funding that had gone to support family planning and women's health. 40 Days has also forced Planned Parenthood Texas to cancel fundraisers, and they're pretty damn pleased with themselves. David Beiret, the organization's national director, said,

Boy, it's been fun to talk to Abby [Johnson] about how frustrating it was to cancel those fundraising events.


The group's efforts have resulted in leaving 300,000 poor women without access to basic medical care. Experts estimate that it may also result in 20,000 unplanned pregnancies.

No word on whether those babies will fist pump as they emerge into poverty and squalor.


Armed with new spokeswoman, 40 Days for Life rolls out latest plans to defund Planned Parenthood Locally [American Independent]

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I'm totes going to sound like the conspiracy nut on this one but has anyone given any consideration as to whether these women who had their "conversions" were really pro-life sympathizers to begin with who embedded themselves in an organization and were then fired when their true agendas became clear? The Pro-life crowd is made up of such intense zealotry that it wouldn't surprise me.

You know what's awesome with awesome sauce all over it? Defunding an organization that provides low-cost health care to women, infants and children because they also give women the option to end their pregnancy.

In fact, let's defund all programs that provide health and education services to people around the world, no birth control pills, no condoms, no rings. The world is going to be a WAAAYYY happier, healthier place once syphillis makes a huge comeback and all themz babiez are being raised by unhappy, desperate teenage mothers.