The Knights of Columbus and the Archdiocese of Chicago's Office for Evangelization have been hosting a conference this week called "Reclaiming Fatherhood" which also has a fun little website I could link you to but won't because it's intention is to limit your reproductive choices by highlighting the deep sadness a relatively small subset of men have for the abortions their partners got. Or, rather, not "sadness" but rather, what they would like everyone to label "mental disorders", so that they have some sort of psychological disorder to list as a reason women shouldn't ever get abortions. God, Moe was so right in her first "I don't give a fuck how they feel" post.Because, you know what? Men don't have to carry the baby, they don't have to take the risks of pregnancy and, God knows, they can sure as shit get out of any actual responsibility for the child. But, noooo, they might be sad! Well, that's the fucking breaks. Be more diligent with the condoms or get the vasectomy or keep it in your fucking's pretty simple! Hell, when did "abstinence is the only way not to get pregnant" become a girl's only mantra? Because, after all, we all know that these are the same people running around preaching that shit. It's not like post-abortive women run around radiating sunshine and happiness like, "Yay! I got a painful medical procedure that eliminated the contents of my uterus!" while the men sit at home and cry. Women who choose to abort pregnancies feel all kinds of different ways about it, including depressed. When asked to examine the idea of labeling post-abortive feelings its own mental disorder, the American Psychological Association declined, saying that there was "no evidence sufficient to support the claim that an observed association between abortion history and mental health was caused by the abortion per se, as opposed to other factors" like "poverty, exposure to violence, history of emotional problems, drug and alcohol abuse and previous unwanted births." Of course, these "men's rights" groups that want to keep women from having abortions like to point out that in their web survey of how the men that frequent those sites feel about their partners' abortions, two-thirds of those who responded said that their relationships failed after the abortions, so we're all supposed to infer that abortion also causes separation or divorce, and not that the negativity in the relationships could have contributed to the abortion. Anyway, I'm sure some of these men feel legitimately really terrible that their partners had abortions, and that's a perfectly legitimate way to feel about it. That doesn't mean that women shouldn't be allowed to have abortions or that men should get a say in whether they do or not. And trumping up post-abortive syndrome as a mental disorder does a disservice both to people with actual mental illness and to the idea that sadness and grief are natural emotions regardless of the cause. Not every sad person needs a shrink, a diagnosis and a pill. Well, maybe a male birth control pill. That might help! How Hard Do Abortions Hit Men? [US News & World Report] Post-Abortion Grief Very Real, Experts Say [World Net Daily] Earlier: Post-Abortion Syndrome Do You Care How Dudes Feel About Their Abortions