Abornaments: Hipster Etsy Craft or Satanic Desecration of Innocent Life?

A few years ago, an Etsy seller made "abortaments" out of those little rubber babies that some crisis pregnancy centers force on patients in hopes they'll guilt them into opting out of abortion.

After the creepy little pipecleaner antler-bedecked babies almost sold out, the owners clarified that they were "not a social or political statement … intended to change anyone's minds" but "simply part of a silly and tasteless art series" and offered a tongue-in-cheek reminder that "no ACTUAL babies were harmed in the creation of these ornaments, and no one is going to run out and get 1,000 abortions simply because they saw a fake fetus hanging out of a glittery felt vagina."


Try telling that to LifeNews, which blogged about the Etsy abortaments today, even though they haven't been on sale for years, under the headline "Pro-abortion activists have taken that outrage to the next level." O RLY?


The anti-abortion site describes the ornaments as "the manipulation and desecration of plastic fetal models depicting unborn children at various stage of development before birth." (Often falsely, by the way.)

LifeNews is extremely upset that these "abornaments" below "were sold to pro-abortion activists who wanted them." They're not only against a woman's right to choose — they're against a woman's right to buy tacky crafts off Etsy.



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