George Bush went to Iraq for his Labor Day 2K7 BBQ and talked to Katie Couric and some other lady news correspondent who's been to Iraq like 89 times already, not that ABC News is pointing that out in the opening paragraph of its transcript or anything. Katie asked if he'd given a "stern talking-to" to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki for not governing Iraq the way a democratically-elected president of a soverign nation, you know, ought to be governed, since Bush is an expert at that. We didn't catch either interview since we limit our Sunday night television consumption to a strict diet of The Hills, but maybe some of you infotainment gluttons can tell us how it went, because essentially all the news coverage of the coverage can be summed up as: Katie Couric went to Iraq and talked to a bunch of people whose lives suck even more than her ratings.

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