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ABC Is Developing a Sitcom About a Bollywood Star in the American Suburbs

Photos via Getty Images.
Photos via Getty Images.

Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra and Bollywood star Madhuri Dixit are working with ABC to develop a sitcom about a Bollywood star who moves to the American suburbs.


That’s according to Variety:

The currently untitled single-camera series would follow a former Bollywood star who settles down in the suburbs of America with her bi-cultural family and tries to bring her colorful lifestyle to an otherwise dull town. The series is based on the real life of Madhuri Dixit, who will also executive produce.

Sri Rao, a Bollywood writer and a writer for shows like “General Hospital: Night Shift,” will pen the pilot and executive produce, as will Dixit’s husband, Sriram Nene. Mark Gordon and Nick Pepper will executive produce through the Mark Gordon Company, which currently produces “Ray Donovan,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Quantico,” among many other shows. ABC Studios will produce.


Dixit is a major Bollywood star; she appears in wax form at Madame Tussaud’s in London. If you’ve never seen one of her movies, here she is killing it in the lavish historical epic and utterly devastating tearjerker Devdas:

After marrying a cardiologist, Dixit ended up living in suburban Denver for a decade. It sounds like she enjoyed it—she told movie site Rediff, “When I was with my family in Denver I was happy being unknown. I enjoyed being on my own and taking my car out for grocery shopping—I loved doing that—taking my kids to school, dropping them off, picking them up.” But, she added, “I enjoy the other side too. I enjoy my job. I enjoy being on the sets and doing what I do best.”

Variety doesn’t include any info about the cast, but the involvement of a bona-fide Bollywood star is a promising start.

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Jolie Kerr

Between “After marrying a cardiologist ...” and the fact that there are several actual Indian people involved in this, I feel a little less nervous about the potential for this to make me want to lie down on the floor and die. But I’m still nervous, because woof, ABC???