Abbi and Ilana Meet their Ultimate Yas Queen in Broad City's Hillary Clinton Episode

“I pegged,” is how Abbi introduces herself to Hillary RODHAM Clinton in Wednesday night’s Broad City episode, and it’s possibly the beginning of a beautiful lifetime relationship.


The long-awaited episode has been in the works for a year, and in December, Clinton teased her appearance via The social media. Abbi and Ilana also previewed the episode’s storyline about their characters having a Clinton fan-out moment.

And so, Ilana, fired from a dream job at Deals Deals Deals, lands a fortuitous position working the Clinton campaign, but it’s not until after a brush with one of the campaign heads (played by Cynthia Nixon) and several phone calls in that Ilana realizes it’s an unpaid volunteer gig.

Just as she and Abbi are leaving and discussing Hillary’s looming office aura—“She’s walked on this floor. She’s breathed this air. Take it in,” says Ilana. “Yeah, that is power,” says Abbi. “Smells decisive,” adds Ilana—they come face to face with the legend herself. The idea is that Clinton has become a political rock star, but I also saw this as a dramatization of how people think women are preordained to act around Clinton.

Either way, it’s a delightful moment, and the type of loose endorsement that jibes with the Broad City spirit. Watch the full scene below.

After a series of shrieks, Abbi introduces herself—“Abbi. Hello. Proud Demo... crat. College. Aquarius. I pegged”—while Ilana vows to support Hillary (her “She King”) by tweeting once a week: “Vote for Hillary. Yas. Yas. Yas.”


That inflatable car-wash thing has a name (an AirDancer) and, as presidential candidate cameos go, Clinton did pretty well acknowledging and interacting with her.

The H.C. freakout capped an all-around great episode with a B plot about DMV visits that felt all too real and surreal. I can personally confirm that booking online at the DMV is incredibly more efficient (I spent no more than five minutes waiting in Brooklyn) and will change your life.

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I met HRC once, on my 21st birthday. I was working at a Clinton Foundation fundraiser at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. They hadn’t told us anything about how the Clintons would enter and I just assumed they would come in the back through some super secret door or something.

They didn’t.

I was standing on the front steps greeting people when a big black car pulled up and out stepped HRC. I must have looked just like Abbi and Ilana - jaw to my chest, eyes the size of saucers. In person she is transcendent, she absolutely radiates both power and warmth. It’s mesmerizing - like the human embodiment of safety.

I was so transfixed I shrugged off a man who was gently pulling at my elbow, trying to shake my hand. He was pretty persistent, though, so I turned to give him a big terse, “WHAT?” Just in time for it to click into place that it was Bill. He was very nice about it and not at all angry that I’d both shaken him off and snapped at him.

By way of apology/trying to explain myself, I stammered something like, “I’m sorry, I just, Hillary...” and Bill just responded, “Don’t worry, it happens to everyone.”