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Abbi and Ilana Answered Fan Questions As a Lone Dog Barked in the Background

Illustration for article titled Abbi and Ilana Answered Fan Questions As a Lone Dog Barked in the Background

Somewhere in Brooklyn, on this beautiful spring evening, is a dog shouting into the void. Is it neglected? Hungry? Or is it in the grips of that particular unnamed anxiety domesticated pets occasionally succumb to, the one that turns them into the feral beasts of olde, howling at the ripening moon?


Anyway, I’m not stoned, but I would guess these two are. They answered a bunch of fan questions, and tbh I didn’t watch the whole thing because I was getting a contact high. It does start with a bit about what their favorite NYC neighborhood is (they refuse to answer) and towards the end gets into an elucidating game of marry/fuck/kill.

My favorite part is that Ilana forgets her special Time Traveling Bong is airing its first part tonight, after the season finale of Broad City. Can you imagine having so many successful TV shows that you forget about one? It is 4/20, but still. If anything, that seems like a built in reminder for a show about a time traveling bong.


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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

This lone dog in Brooklyn is actually all of us arguing over shift work at the co-op and that we need to redefine what artisinal truly means.