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Aaron Sorkin Gave Mindy Kaling (Solicited) Notes on The Mindy Project

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An unlikely friendship indeed: it seems that Aaron Sorkin and Mindy Kaling have been buddies for a few years now, beginning when he sent her a bottle of champagne after he enjoyed an episode of The Office that she penned.


Kaling told Vulture:

I thought [The Social Network] was amazing and I sent him a note and then we just kind of met up and talked. We have very similar personalities even though we're very different. He's a great guy and he came to the table read and he gave great notes. I mean, it was a little distracting because he was there, but it was wonderful. He loves romantic comedies, too. The Newsroom is full-on romantic comedy. Two weeks ago, the episode was just about the different love lives of people on the show.


Actor Chris Messina stars on both shows, and Sorkin reportedly gave Kaling some tips on how to play to his strengths. And what did he think of the script, overall?

He was mostly positive.

Okay, but does Sorkin know that avid Twitterer Mindy is arguably a dreaded Internet Girl?!

'Aaron Sorkin Gave Mindy Kaling Notes On Her New Fox Show' [Vulture]

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I have mixed feelings on Aaron Sorkin. As The West Wing has just come onto Amazon Video (and as a Prime member, I can watch it for free), I have been enjoying the early episodes immensely. But after hearing disparaging things about him, the horrible way he treated the "Internet Girl", and the awfulness of the first episode of Newsroom (the only one I could force myself to watch), I don't know what to think...