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Aaron Samuels Wore His Hair Pushed Back for His Reunion With Lindsay Lohan

Look who’s all rosy cheeked and back together.

Lindsay Lohan reunited with her Mean Girls co-star Jonathan Bennett, who announced in an Instagram story that he was going to “interview her for her new reality show.” This had me hoping he’d flown to Greece and Lindsay was going to yell at him for drinking by the pool and tell him that Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club is not Girls Gone Wild. But alas, he just interviewed her at the MTV studios in Times Square. That’s grool, I guess.


[Hollywood Life]

Toni Braxton was engaged to Birdman, but she’s not anymore. Huh. The two announced their split right after New Year’s, and now court records show she owes $456,400 in back taxes. If anyone wants to set up a GoFundMe, we probably owe her at least this much for the You’re Makin’ Me High video alone.


[E! News]

  • In other 90s-adjacent news, did everyone know that Billy Corgan was the president of the National Wrestling Alliance and just forget to tell me? [TMZ]
  • This article asserts that it’s “weird” we do not know more about Cameron Diaz’s marriage, but I fail to see anything out of the ordinary about that. [E! News]
  • Of course these two had a baby gender reveal photo shoot. [People]
  • Of course these two have a multiple insemination clause in their contract. [Hollywood Life]

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Wow. I would not have recognized him without the headline. That is a lot of work he’s had done. You do you, Aaron Samuels... but Miss Norbury would be very disappointed.