We proclaimed far and wide that the party was over at Aaron Carter’s house after he tweeted an endorsement for neon-tinted hellion Donald Trump. If we weren’t completely correct before, we might be now: the Boy Who Once Beat Shaq stated on social media that he doesn’t think he’ll be voting come November, all due to being “bullied so badly” for his political sentiments.

A series of tweets posted to Carter’s account began in response to a promotional post for the singer’s upcoming single “Fools Gold.” In one the deepest shows of sympathy and/or empathy I have ever witnessed, a fan replied with “u voting for trump but I still love u @aaroncarter.”

Carter then responded:


The performer went on to state that he had received “death threats” and an “abundance of attempts to humiliate” him, and added his disappointment over the“contradicting” nature of “people [coming] at me for my beliefs but...doing the exact thing to me that they hate.”



I think that we can all agree that Carter isn’t necessarily a political wunderkind, but oy fucking vey, death threats? Really? Can we get this guy some candy or something?

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