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Aaron Carter Won't Vote After Being 'Bullied' for Supporting Donald Trump

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We proclaimed far and wide that the party was over at Aaron Carter’s house after he tweeted an endorsement for neon-tinted hellion Donald Trump. If we weren’t completely correct before, we might be now: the Boy Who Once Beat Shaq stated on social media that he doesn’t think he’ll be voting come November, all due to being “bullied so badly” for his political sentiments.


A series of tweets posted to Carter’s account began in response to a promotional post for the singer’s upcoming single “Fools Gold.” In one the deepest shows of sympathy and/or empathy I have ever witnessed, a fan replied with “u voting for trump but I still love u @aaroncarter.”

Carter then responded:


The performer went on to state that he had received “death threats” and an “abundance of attempts to humiliate” him, and added his disappointment over the“contradicting” nature of “people [coming] at me for my beliefs but...doing the exact thing to me that they hate.”


I think that we can all agree that Carter isn’t necessarily a political wunderkind, but oy fucking vey, death threats? Really? Can we get this guy some candy or something?

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Do people really need to receive death threats when they post or do foolish things? For example, a girl posted a picture of her grandfather and said she was the only one who came to eat with him. His other five grandkids skipped for whatever reason. The one they could find on Twitter started getting death threats. Not cool to skip out on grandpa but that doesn’t deserve death threats.