A Year In The Life Of An Overworked, Much-Appreciated Jezebel Editor

Longtime readers may recall that, one year ago today, Jezebel caused a ruckus with our publication of that ridiculously-retouched Faith Hill Redbook cover. (More on that can be found here.) They may also recall that July 16, 2007 was also the first day of Dodai Stewart's tenure as a Jezebel all-star. Looking back, I don't know what the hell I was thinking scheduling Dodai's first day of work on the very same day we started a media shitstorm (sorry, Dodai) but I'll say one thing: on that day, and every one following, her intelligence, sense of humor, good cheer, evenhandedness, and work ethic have made Jezebel that much smarter, funnier, and more enjoyable to manage...and, of course, read. She is, in many ways, our rock. So: In honor of Dodai's Jezebirth, I'd like to walk you through a year in her life of celebrity gossip, fashion magazines, and mail-order catalogs, among other things. Let's start here, shall we?


A short list of some of Dodai's most memorable moments:

That's just the tip of the iceberg, obviously; readers should take their turn to weigh in below.

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