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Over on AdRants, there's a short item about a Swedish firm called Miljopartiet de grona. The company ran a print ad to make a point about how women make less money in the workforce; the campaign shows currency featuring men next to lower-value currency featuring women. The tagline: "Different gender, different worth." You'd be hard-pressed to do this awesome idea in the U.S. of A., because we barely have any females on our money.

When was the last time you even saw a Susan B. Anthony dollar? Oh, sure, they've got Sacajawea holding it down now. Love how she's trying to support a kid on that buck. Who else? The Liberty dollar features Lady Liberty but um, she's not real, right?

Meanwhile, the British pound has The Queen on it and Anna tells me there are "women on a fair number of Australian currency notes and coins." International readers! Are there chicks on your bills or coins? Let us know (or post pictures in the comments.) Oh, and don't forget to include how much a woman is worth.


Women Worth Less, and You Can Take That to the Bank [AdRants]

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Euro bills all have pictures of buildings on them. Coins vary from country to country, but I'm fairly sure the only country that has a woman on them is Austria: the 2 euro coin has got Bertha von Suttner on it (she was a pacifist). It's the highest-value coin, so result!

Greece also has a goddess, Artemis, on one of its coins, but she's not an ACTUAL woman, so she doesn't count.