A Woman Has Been Arrested for Killing Her Husband and Feeding Him to Her Dog

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A woman in Mallorca has been arrested on suspicion of killing her husband and then feeding him to her dog, which means we have found Hannibal’s answer to those exceedingly annoying Beggin Strips commercials.


(But in all sincerity—this story is pretty tragic and gruesome, so proceed with caution.)

Described by the New York Post as a “Russian newlywed,” Svetlana Batukova was arrested after she was found by authorities in her home in Cala Millor, a resort located on the island.

Batukova was believed to have been suffering from a psychotic episode caused by a drug and alcohol binge, which allegedly prompted her to murder of her husband, a German citizen named Horst Hans Henkels.

According to NYP (which, by the way, contains graphic details of the event, so trigger warning):

“Batukova, who regularly posted pictures online of herself cuddling her Staffordshire bull terrier, stabbed Henkels with a kitchen knife last Friday, police said.

As he lay bleeding out on the floor, she carved off slices of his arm down to the bone and hand-fed them to her beloved dog, authorities said.

Batukova waited hours to call the cops. When police did arrive at the house in the Spanish resort community of Cala Millor in Mallorca, they found her standing next to a pool of Henkels’ blood.

Batukova appeared in court for a closed-door hearing Monday to face murder charges. It is still unclear whether the case will go to trial or how long she could spend in jail as investigators continue piecing together the deadly attack.”

While Batukova and Henkels had recently tied the knot, they had previously been engaged in a tumultuous courtship for roughly two years. Their relationship was reportedly accompanied by intermittent house calls from the police over violent domestic disputes.

As of now, investigators have stated that they believe Henkels was unable to call out for help during the attack due to a recent surgery on his trachea, which rendered him unable to speak.


Officials have also posited that Henkels “may have been drugged before his death before as there were no signs he had defended himself,” as reported by the Daily Mail.

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Well, I don’t mean to be crass, but with the name “Horst Hans Henkels,” he’s a snack that practically markets itself!

“Sounds delicious—pass the Henkels! Horst flavor, please!”

ETA: sorry, I realize what a horrible story this is. Murder is not ok. Feeding your spouse to the dog is not ok. I have just been lurking over at Gawker for the last hour, so I suppose you could say my sensitivity chip is a little askew.