A Woman Filed a Restraining Order Against Chris Brown Over Alleged Death Threats

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Sadly, it looks like the theme of today is men harassing women online. First, Ashanti was forced to appear in court in front of her stalker, who not only sent the pop star “disgusting, derogatory, disrespectful things” on Twitter, but had already “gone to jail for doing the same thing” to her before more than once. Now, it looks like Chris Brown is making the rounds for something similar: allegedly harassing a woman on social media with violent remarks and death threats. Subsequently, she has filed—and been granted—a restraining order against the singer.


According to TMZ, Brown’s purported target is named Danielle Patti, the same woman who was arrested on the performer’s property this past December for refusing to leave. (Though saying she was on the property doesn’t paint the whole picture—she was standing outside of an electric gate.)

Patti, who also claims to be Brown’s ex, has a story that greatly differs from the guy who also denies he assaulted a woman at a hotel in Las Vegas on New Year’s Day for taking his photo.


In her version of the events, Patti asserted that she wanted to leave the property, but was unable to do so because her car was blocked by another one parked in front of hers. Brown then called the cops, who then arrested her; Patti says she was subsequently cleared of all charges.

Patti’s restraining order requires the singer to stay at least 100 feet away from her at all times until a hearing later this month.

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Meyer Lansky Sqarrs

And then there’s this fucking asshole. Again.

He’s not going to learn or stop until somebody dies, for fuck’s sake.