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After a two-year hiatus, during which Teresa Giudice paid her debt to society, the Real Housewives of New Jersey is coming back to your television screens because this is all a vicious, never-ending cycle.


In the trailer released today, the women try to get back into the swing of their drama after Teresa returns home from the much more serious drama of, you know, prison. As we’ve known since the day she was sentenced, cameras were there to capture her homecoming.


I must admit, New Jersey has probably been my least favorite Real Housewives franchise perhaps because I don’t like watching people who are actually related to each other fight on camera for a check—I prefer the insane yet somehow listless fighting amongst friends who are basically just coworkers.

One good thing is that Teresa and and her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, seem to be friends again—which, thank god, because they are the exact same person and would do well to recognize that. It’s nice to see that in some regards, prison brings families closer. We will also watch Joe leave for his 41-month sentence while his daughters cry and we all cleanse ourselves with holy water to atone for treating this like entertainment. Luckily, we still have Gia Giudice, who seems to have become the only sensible adult in that family at the ripe age of 15.

It looks like this season will be heavy on the screaming and light on some truly batshit moments like a table flip or using a wine glass as a gavel. Jacqueline is back and has redirected her sad, obsessive anger towards Melissa Gorga, who seems to be tiring of her man-baby husband. Kathie Wakile and her sister Rosie appear, although they both seem to have lost a bit of their charm. And, because Bravo is trying to revive this franchise with everything they’ve got, Kim D growls her way back onscreen. Meanwhile, Joe Giudice is still calling women “bitches.”

This season includes two new cast members who, at least in the trailer, look exactly alike. Dolores Catania is described in the press materials I received from Bravo as a “corrections officer-turned-surgical technician-turned Realtor and owner of multiple fitness centers.” OK.


Siggy Flicker is the author of a generously titled book: Write Your Own Fairy Tale: The New Rules of Dating and Relationships, and Finding Love on Your Own Terms. Apparently her ex-husband was the best man in her wedding to her current husband, so maybe Siggy is onto something there.

The great return of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will take place July 10 at 8 pm.


Screenshots via Bravo.

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I’d bet that Teresa spells “debt” as “det”.

Any takers?

Also, what the hell kinda good Eye-Talian name is “Siggy Flicker”? Sounds like some horrible sex tip the Melissa cooked up in her unfortunate book about a happy marriage.