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Bachelor Host Releases Dating App Because We Definitely Need More

In our continual pledge to make sure Chris Harrison, host of The Bachelor and all its spin-offs, becomes the most relevant person on planet Earth, we encourage you to please sign up for his new dating service At First Sight, which is totally different than all those other dating apps because it uses video.


"It's really easy to use," Chris says. "Scroll through video profiles. When someone catches your eye, stop, watch it, see if there's any chemistry there" You know, between you and this rando person that you have not met in real life and are not video chatting with. There's no word on whether or not Chris in his newly-single status is using the app himself, but he sort of implies it in the video, as he's only looking at hot young ladies and he's made a sample video for the site.

Harrison has teamed up with Bachelor series creator Mike Fleiss to release the product. Fleiss says he's perfect for it because he's got firsthand knowledge of exactly what makes couples work:

“After producing 26 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Chris and I have learned a lot about how people date, make impressions and get to know each other. We've also seen through the casting process how videos can really help you get to know someone quickly. At First Sight combines our experience in television with smart technology, to create a truly new kind of online dating that is easy to use and can help make better connections.”


Please recall that this is a man who has outright acknowledged the fakeness of his own show.

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Dr. Opossum

A video based online dating site is actually a good idea. I am we'll aware that attractive people will have an edge here. But that is better than having them meet you, look you over and declare a lack of interest, as happened to me in online dating. But I also met my husband through online dating, so don't feel sorry for me!