A VH1 reality show debuting in November called "America's Most Smartest Model" will confirm everything you already knew about the younger generation being stupider than you thought possible. Says co-host and former Harper's Bazaar fashion editor Mary Alice Stephenson: "[When] we did the spelling bee, I have to say, I was not impressed with [the models'] knowledge of how to spell certain words like Balenciaga or Yves Saint Laurent. They could barely spell DKNY." And yeah: Cindy Crawford was valedictorian and Carmen Kass is president of the Estonian National Chess League, so there really hasn't always been a correlation between "pretty" and "brain dead." Also, Ben Stein is set to co-host alongside Stephenson. Which somehow seems to make the whole thing that much worse, though we're not sure why. [WWD, sub req'd]


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@dayglo: I never watched or heard much of anything about that show and started watching an episode the other day thinking it would be cute but as soon as I saw the female introductions I wanted to find a Hollywood map and beat Ashton Kutcher with a thousand trucker hats.