A Very Special Wedding Today In California

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Robin Tyler and Diane Olsen are getting married today! The're featured in a clip from Fox 11 Los Angeles, above, and they also spoke to AFP. The ban on same-sex marriages is being overturned in California at 5pm; the wedding is set to take place at 5:01. The couple, who first met in the 1970s and have been together for 15 years, will wear matching ivory linen suits tailor-made in Singapore. The ceremony will be in front of the Beverly Hills Courthouse. "We wanted to have the wedding outside the courthouse because it was where we'd been turned down so many times," Tyler says. "It will be nice to be able to stand there and get married and say 'We won.'" They have two dogs, pugs named Mushu Pork and Wonton. "They're children with fur as far as we are concerned, and they make our hearts tick," says Tyler. "And we don't have to pay to send them to college," chimes Olson. (There is another wedding in San Francisco, and the couple have been together 55 years!) Clip of Robin and Diane, after the jump.


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@ceejeemcbeegee: i agree. without being overly pollyannaish, this is the way i see it:

my parent's generation was probably the first with a (small but) significant number of interracial marriages. therefore, my generation is kind of "eh, whatevs" toward interracial dating, since we have biracial friends, have seen adults in interracial relationships, etc. (i say this as someone in an interracial relationship, and the only looks we seem to get are from older people or people in tiny midwestern towns, where it's just as likely they're wondering how an asian man can be that tall). my generation is also the first to encounter large numbers of open homosexuals, often as early as high school or middle school...so it's more common place for us. my hope is that my children's generation will have a similarly "yeah...so?" attitude towards gay marriage.