A Very Special Saturday Night Social

Hey there, Saturday readers.

It's not often that I take a drastically less than serious tone on Saturday Night Social, but I want to ask all of you to do me a favor.


One of my favorite people in the entire world, a beyond brilliant comedian named Angelo Bowers, was killed last week by a drunk driver. In the last few days, I've talked about him endlessly with his/my friends who still live in LA and I don't even think I can begin to put it into words here.

Maybe it'd be easier if I didn't know him very well, or if I didn't love him that much, or if every time I thought about him I didn't totally lose it in a way that, if you saw it in a movie, you'd think "No one ever gets that hysterical over anything." But they do. They just save it for moments when insanely funny, kind, generous people —who should be fucking alive right now/making fun of me for crying constantly— are killed in the most wasteful, inane way possible.


I could write a book on how much I adored him, how much I miss him every second of the day, and how I can't read his jokes without laughing and then immediately falling apart because I'll never get to hear him tell them on stage again or....fuck. Anyway, there's going to be a comedy show/benefit for his family and his friend, Josh Adam Meyers, who was also injured in the accident but is, thankfully, recovering.

If you're in Los Angeles, I urge you to go. Short of that, please check out this Twitter account dedicated to spreading Angelo's consistently sharp jokes to people who never had the chance to see him live. I don't care what your sense of humor is. You will laugh. I promise. He's that good.

Thanks for letting me veer off into a sad, sad place, folks. Have a terrific weekend and stick around this thread listening to Broadcast as long as you like.

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Does anyone have experience with Feria hair color? After being berated by a friend (she saw my Twitter update about buying hair color and urgently texted me) about how terrible store bought hair dye is for your hair, I started to get a little nervous. I've used semi-permanent dyes before and, as a college student without a job I don't exactly have the funds for a professional dye job.

But I really want to go darker (there are no cute names for my color: "dishwater blonde," "dirty blonde," "mouse brown") and make my hair look like Alison Brie's so I'm going with Feria Espresso, which supposedly has no reddish tones in it, which I want to avoid.

Phew, okay, that was less simple than I hoped. Thoughts? Did any of you find in damaging when you used it? I rarely do anything with my hair and use all natural shampoo and conditioner, so I feel like a little store bought dye once every few months can't hurt it too much...