On last night's episode of RPDR, the challenge was to create a campaign for Mac's Viva Glam makeup, the proceeds of which go to an HIV and AIDS fund. The show ended in tears.

One of the highlights of this episode was when special guest judge Jenny Shimuzu — known for modeling and maybe hooking up with Madonna and Angelina Jolie — told Bebe Zahara Benet, "I would be doing coke with you if this were the 90s." But in addition to learning that Rebecca Glasscock's best friend is dying of AIDS, we learned that fan fave Ongina — the winner of the Mac Viva Glam challenge — has been living with HIV for two years. "I didn't want to say it on national TV because my parents doesn't know," she sobbed. But she pulled it together and said: "You have to celebrate life." Clip above.

Ongina's challenge campaign for MAC was truly the best — upbeat and fun. See it below:

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The other highlight of this ep? Watching Shannel juggle and show off her ass:


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