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A valuable use of bandwidth.

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Over at their trendy new "blog", Us Magazine are running a count of the time elapsed since Britney was last photographed with aspiring rapper and sperm donor Kevin Federline (75 days, 12 hours, 58 minutes and 45 seconds at the time of writing).


While most of the commenters are predictably of the COME ON BRITNEY :-) WE IN DENMARK LOVE U AND U SHOULD DUMP KEVIN BECAUSE I LOVE YOU :-))))) AND I HAVE BEEN MASTURBATING IN MY BEDROOM WHILE I THINK OF U AND ONCE I GAVE U SOME FLOWERS AFTER A CONCERT IN OSLO ON FEBRUARY 19TH 2004 WHEN U WERE WEARING A RED TOP AND BLACK TROUSERS AND BLACK SHOES AND MY HOT SPERM WAS ON THE FLOWERS AS MY PRECIOUS BETROTHAL GIFT TO YOU AND I AM NOT GAY LOLZ.....variety, a gal called Lauren Robbins (or perhaps a fat midwestern trucker called Wayne Warmbelly Jr III - I mean, who really knows what lies beneath this dark mask we call the makes the real point:

"You should start a countdown since the last time Britney Spears was photographed not looking like trash...

3 years, one month, five days... "

Lauren has been counting. She knows.

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