A tipster who saw it all go down, so to speak, just emailed us to corroborate Vincent Gallo's claim that Chloe Sevigny really, truly did make him a beneficiary of her blowjob week."I can back up that his junk was real. While I wasn't in the room when the camera was rolling (no one was actually, just him, a camera and Chloe), I think I have some proof. 1) Chloe was really nervous about doing the scene because she had a boyfriend and though it was "acting" the act was going to be real 2) I had the luxury of going to the editing house the next day and sitting with some random 50+ year old dude and watching him synch the sound and the image together. I was there for hours. It was all real."


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What I don't understand is why people are bringing this up NOW - I mean, didn't everyone already debate about this when the movie came out last year? Sounds like a meaningless attempt for more press for a movie that was critically panned.

Also, Vincent Gallo is crazy fucked up. Obviously we all know this by now, but it bears further mention.