A Tiny Church Is Keeping You From the Sight of Cersei's Breasts

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Terrible news, everybody: Game of Thrones is having a little trouble staging a famous scene from the books, because a church in Croatia (where many of the Kings Landing scenes are filmed) doesn't particularly approve of public nudity. Big shocker, there.


This report, complete with hilariously lurid Photoshop illustration, comes from TMZ. (So adjust your belief-o-meter accordingly.) The online outlet announces in a leering tone:

The scene calls for Cersei — played by Lena Headey — to walk out of a church and onto the streets of King's Landing in the buff. The scene is supposed to be shot in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where the church has a lot of power and a rigid policy against public displays of sexuality.

We're told the local film commission will not give producers a permit to shoot the scene because they take their cue from the church — in this case the Church of St. Nicholas.

It seems a little much to expect a church to hand over its front stoop so the producers of a show famous for its sex and violence can film a topless woman strolling outdoors. But this is a headache because, according to "sources," they're having trouble finding a workaround and the scene is "crucial to the story line and it's an iconic moment from the book."

Feels like a bit of divine justice, given that the show boasts more bare breasts than Bourbon Street but just keeps cock-teasing those of us who're attracted to gents.


Celia the Vampire Slaying Vampire

This scene is majorly important to Cersei and it is the opposite of titillating. Since a major plot point was just spoiled, I'll keep it vague. But as much as this scene disturbs me to my core and I've been nervous for Lena having to film it (she's said she's nervous too), it's pretty fundamental. Not in the way that a lot of my fellow readers think minor things are MAJOR DEALS THAT MUST BE KEPT! No, this is a big one. I understand why the church is reluctant, though, because the scene itself is explicitly anti-religious and features religious cruelty and sexism. But that's the whole point and I don't want this one cut. The made up a whole rape scene for a character that's already been raped night after night by her first husband so I'm not exactly thrilled for how it's going to make me feel. But it's important.

Hope they figure it out.