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Where should the quarter million excess single women of New York move when they finally figure out how to get a job elsewhere? Richard Florida, the overrated sociologist or pop economist or whatever who wrote the Rise of the Creative Class — an academic treatise on gays and how they make cities more fun to live in, duh — has finally contributed something truly worthwhile to humanity, which is to say, a helpful map illustrating just how big and bad the male/female ratio is in metropolitan areas throughout the United States. (Jump to view the whole wide depressing motherfucker!) Apparently it's time to move to Seattle. (Think I should send my resume to Dan Savage?) And where were all those desperate dudes when I lived in LA? Oh right, probably working in porn.

Seriously though, all the contrarians who say the demographic imbalance is overstated or overrated or overblown; it doesn't matter. Its perceived reality is all that matters — and hey, as it turns out, it isn't just perceived. Every time I enter into a romantic transaction in which I think I have accurately calculated my real Romantic Value, adjusted for geography-based purchasing power parity or whatever, I turn out to be wrong — we're like the dollar against the Euro; only with the one commodity that is harder for women here to give up than luxury goods and wine. (Collateral damage of Bush Administration profligacy? Not really but okay.) Last summer I got rejected by a guy who didn't know who Machiavelli was. (Well, to be fair, he said, "I know Tupac changed his name to that once.") But wait, let's talk fair: what was I doing with a dude who didn't know who Machiavelli was? Well, drinking, obviously, but...anyway, I realize...this is an unseemly amount of self-pity by way of introduction to what was meant to be opportunity for you, dear readers, to air an unseemly amount of self-pity. Enjoy!

Illustration for article titled A Statistical Guide To Why Youre Not Getting Laid

The Singles Map [Creative Class Blog]

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