A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila: Dyke Drama Rules!

It's been apparent since day one that the best contestants on the bisexual reality dating show, A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila, are the lesbians. Last night's episode completely solidified that: At elimination, it came down to Vanessa and Brandi, and when Tila announced that she was going with Brandi, all hell broke loose. Vanessa jumped her and it took like five members of the production, three of the male contestants, and one butch lesbian to break up the fight. High heels went flying, a weave was pulled out, and the giant key prop was broken. In a shocking twist, a sobbing Brandi tells a teary Tila that she can't accept the key. And as Vanessa is exiting the house she collapses onto the pink shag welcome mat. To be continued...

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Hell on Heels

@atx: I have a sneaking suspicion it isn't the MAC that causes one to resemble a drag queen, it's just that those with a predilection for that sort of look are naturally drawn to MAC.

At least I *hope* I don't look like a drag queen...