A shocking story in Sunday’s New York Times reports that U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan are told to ignore the brutal sexual abuse of young boys by Afghan police officers and militia commanders—even when that sexual abuse takes place on military bases.

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It’s not the only thing I’ve heard of that US troops have been told to ignore. A high school BF of mine came back from the Army a few years ago, and told me that he wasn’t supposed to check convoys for opium even if they had reason to believe there would be opium on them. Once his unit was tipped off that the Taliban was taking opium south, and they had to get permission from the governor of the province to go after them. Taliban any day of the week meant they could do something, except when the Taliban was carrying opium. Apparently the governor got a cut of the trade.

Afghanistan apparently ranks as one of the top 5 most corrupt countries on earth. Law doesn't mean much there.