A Sex and Love Addict Is Here and Ready to Answer Your Questions

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Ethlie Ann Vare has weathered cocaine addiction, jail, four marriages, too much sex with too many men — and a lot of unhappiness in between. Sex and love addiction, however, was the real problem all along. Now in recovery and having spent a decade studying the pathology of sex and love addiction, Ethlie is the author of Love Addict: Sex, Romance and Other Dangerous Drugs, in which she hopes to help readers identify, understand and overcome the disease. And today Ethlie is swinging by Jezebel to answer any and all of your questions about sex, love and addiction. She can talk brass tacks, plus insights and experiences — both hers and your own. Ask her anything. Real talk.


Ethlie had to take off so we're calling it a day! Thanks to everyone for the great discussion.



How does one begin to "re-introduce" sex as part of a healthy lifestyle after (while?) working through sex addiction? With drugs, for example, the road, while difficult, is pretty straight forward: the goal is no drugs ever again. But sex is often a cornerstone of a healthy, caring relationship, and is not in and of itself unhealthy. I understand that sex addiction is generally more emotional than physical, but is the physical act at all triggering? Thanks!