The romantic terms of Valentine's Day can be so vague. There are all those "Will you be mine?" questions and those loose, non-binding promises to "Be true." But those are typically printed on candy and not legally actionable. Good news: That's all about to change thanks to this handy website, where you and your beloved can sign a Valentine's Day contract.

After mutually agreeing upon the contract's terms, you and your true love will be ensured exclusivity, "at least one (1) but no more than three (3) displays of public affection" (the lewdness of which you can specify), and the title of "My Valentine" from noon on February 14th, 2012 until "at such point that (a) Day in question ends awkwardly; OR (b) Both parties wake up together." Sounds like a pretty solid V-Day, and if it ends up being a disappointment, as they so often do, you'll have grounds for a lawsuit. 2Sweet4Words!

Image via CLM/Shutterstock.