A Revamped She-Ra Will Make Her Return in Comics

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To celebrate her 30th birthday, DC Comics is bringing She-Ra back as a regular addition to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe with an updated look that reflects her ability to pick up buildings and mountains and throw them at jerks.


Starting in October, She-Ra's origin will be retold in issues #13 - #18 and she was given a makeover by artist Stjepan Šejić.

Female superheroes are super cool this year, if you didn't know. Marvel has reinvented Thor as a woman, which they announced on The View, of all places. But some of them are still being drawn by super-horny dudes with overly active imaginations for how clingy a fabric can actually be.


Image via DC Comics

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My inner six-year-old is sofaking stoked. She-Ra was my he-ro.