A Response To This Video of Mochi, Dog With the World's Longest Tongue

Mochi Rickert is a rescued Saint Bernard dog who currently holds the Guinness World Record for “longest dog tongue,” and that tongue is an anatomical oddity of both terror and wonder.


I honestly don’t know what I expected from this video, but it made me feel a wild mixture of emotions. Maybe I thought I wouldn’t be impressed? My apologies, Mochi, because I am impressed.

The St. Bernard’s tongue measures 7.3 inches from “snout to tip,” and I screamed three times while watching it at work.

1. Once when I first saw it.

2. Once when I first saw it coated with peanut butter.

3. Once when she licked the camera.

A lot of Guinness Record feats are inane nonsense, but Mochi is the real thing. She is something special and rare in this world of dogs with average tongues. Wouldn’t you think a tongue that long would be stored in the mouth like a fruit roll up or bubble tape? Mochi’s tongue looks like that strap barbers sharpen their shaving tools on, or a long piece of smoked salmon blowing in the wind, or if a lizard had elephantiasis of the mouth.

What a surprise! And surprise is an important component of humor: as her owner says, “She’s brought a lot of joy to our life because she is so calm and she’s also a comic relief to us because she’s very funny.” Mochi made me laugh hysterically even more than she made me scream. Get this dog a web series.

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No offense to Mochi, but I do believe my guy may be able to challenge her in the longest tongue game. This photo is not the best demonstration, just his “normal”