A Reconsideration Of Penelope Trunk, The Miscarriage-Tweeting Career Advisor

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Last week, career advisor Penelope Trunk Twittered about her miscarriage, sending the blogosphere into a frenzy. I, for one, was nonplussed. But after watching Trunk hold her own with CNN's Rick Sanchez, I've changed my mind. To a point.


Today Penelope Trunk, CEO of brazencareerist.com and self-styled career advice expert, posted the video of her appearance on CNN on Tuesday, in which she defended her controversial decision to tweet about her miscarriage in a board meeting last week. While I haven't changed my mind (even a little) about the wisdom of announcing such private information in a professional setting (and, yes, her particular Twitter account was a professional setting and she framed it as career advice from an expert — this was not a woman venting to her friends; this was, essentially, a press release), I now believe that if this highly unusual exchange is what resulted, maybe the whole weird thing was worth it.

Aside from the entertainment aspect of watching Rick Sanchez basically throw up his hands in defeat here, Trunk's matter-of-fact way of talking about abortion is so unheard of that it's jarring even to the ears of a die-hard pro-choicer. I've heard women talk about abortions this way with their friends, of course, but never on national television. And honestly, it's refreshing. Sanchez starts the interview by calling Trunk "young lady" and asking if she has any shame. Trunk takes it from there:

"Whether or not you believe women should have the right to abortion, they do in this country." Wow. While I still think I would find it difficult to respect a boss, male or female, who announced the details of his or her bodily functions in the workplace, and while I firmly believe that it was terrible career advice, if Penelope Trunk had to lose some people's respect to get us talking openly about abortion access on national news, then more power to her.

My Miscarriage - On CNN, ABC And AOL [CNN]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Women absolutely need to talk about this stuff. I'm tired of my body being "gross."

When I ousted my uterine stowaway, I had to miss an entire week of work and when I let my superiors know that I was taking time off for medical reasons, I ended up telling them that I needed surgery for "ladyproblems." Of course, since my body is apparently simultaneously disgusting and everyone's business, no one was satisfied with that answer and I ended up making up an elaborate lie about how I had uterine cysts so that everyone wouldn't think of me as rude. BUT EVEN THEN, when I used the word "uterus" in front of all these old skool stockbrokers, they got the willies and backed away, acted like I was the rude one when they were the ones who asked. I almost wanted to shut everyone up by just saying, "I AM HAVING A COMPLICATED SECOND TRIMESTER ABORTION."

I am completely on board with Trunk in that it's about time that women's bodies were normalized.