A recent study by the Center for Women in Government & Civil Society at the University at Albany found that 35% of governor-appointed jobs in the 50 states are held by women, up from 28% a decade ago. Six states (AK, CT, MT, NV, VT and WA) have the same proportion of women in appointed jobs as women residing in the states and one — Montana — has a higher percentage of female appointees than "civilian" women. Former Vermont gov Madeline Kunin, who says appointing women raised eyebrows during her time in office, adds: "If a woman had 10 years that she stayed at home with her family, a traditional assessment would have been that she did nothing in those years. My assessment was different because I know when I was home with my kids, I was active in the schools and community organizations, and of course you learn a great deal from bringing up children." Who'd've thunk that a diversity of people might bring a needed diversity of experience? [AP]