A Reality Show Where Strangers Undress and Chill on the First Date Is Coming to the UK

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We already have a dating show about naked single people called Dating Naked. Undressed, which has strangers strip down to their underwear and get to know each other, is kinda like a prequel.


The show originally aired in Italy and will premiere on the UK’s TLC network this summer with the same premise: two potential mates meet, disrobe and lay in bed with the hopes of not murdering each other. Basically, your Saturday night, right? Right?


The Daily Mail explains:

They will then share a bed wearing nothing but their underwear in order to ‘accelerate intimacy and explore the accepted rules of attraction’.

Producers Fizz (part of RDF Television) say the show is a innovative ‘social experiment’ and they are currently searching for candidates to take part.


While in bed not having sex, the couples complete romantic tasks based on what’s shown on a screen facing the bed. The point is to shed all layers, both physically and emotionally :).

After hanging for 30 minutes, the pairs then have to make a choice whether to continue cuddling or hop out the bed, never to speak again.

They are given tablets beside their side of the bed with the words ‘yes or no’ and they must make their decision - which will then be revealed to their bedmate via the giant screen, leading to either true love or crushing rejection.

Sounds not at all traumatizing.

Watch a clip of the Italian version below and pray that this show makes it to America.


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Image screengrab via TLC

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I will only go on a show where i can have sex on a 1st date, don’t ask for name and never see him again.