A Real Time Reaction to The Pro Gay Rap Song

Madeleine Davies: so this is a pro-gay rap song

which is cool

but the video is so confusing that i don't know if it's worth posting

Dodai Stewart: OH HELLO

he looks like my first husband

i mean i have never been married but i could see myself making this kind of mistake


Madeleine Davies: sure

Dodai Stewart: wait is the little blond girl a lesbian?

Madeleine Davies: no

Dodai Stewart: what


Madeleine Davies: skip to the end

Dodai Stewart: wait there's a cat fight i want to see this

"coincidentally, ben is the name of someone i've never met"


that was a great show

Madeleine Davies: haha

Awesome, Powerful Pro-Gay Rap Song [Buzzfeed]

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