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A Real Time Reaction to The Pro Gay Rap Song

Madeleine Davies: so this is a pro-gay rap song

which is cool

but the video is so confusing that i don't know if it's worth posting

Dodai Stewart: OH HELLO

he looks like my first husband

i mean i have never been married but i could see myself making this kind of mistake


Madeleine Davies: sure

Dodai Stewart: wait is the little blond girl a lesbian?

Madeleine Davies: no

Dodai Stewart: what


Madeleine Davies: skip to the end

Dodai Stewart: wait there's a cat fight i want to see this

"coincidentally, ben is the name of someone i've never met"


that was a great show

Madeleine Davies: haha

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Awesome, Powerful Pro-Gay Rap Song [Buzzfeed]

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It is an awesome song but yeah, the video was confusing. I thought the singer was gay but then he had two girls fighting over him? Then I thought the little girl was gay but no, it was her dads. Was there anyone actually gay in the video besides the two dads at the end? It would have been much cooler had the two girls been together instead of fighting.