A reader has alerted us about the current effort on the part of the Wyoming State Library to "increase understanding, use and support of Wyoming libraries": Bumper stickers with mudflap ladies as library-goers! (The bumper sticker reads "We're Shifting Gears!"). Says the Wyoming Libraries website: "That 'WOW!' factor is what we want people to take away from this campaign. We want them to realize: "There is something for me at the library, and I can grow, explore and wonder." [Wyoming Libraries]

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OK - I am a complete dork, but as I've mentioned before, I love libraries & I love books. So, here is a link to a t-shirt I made. www.DesignAShirt.com/design.asp?design=301200 Please note - I know nothing about graphic design, and couldn't think of a clever quote. So if anyone can help out in that area, rock on!