A Queen Was Crowned Last Night on RuPaul's Drag Race

Season four of Drag Race ended last night, with Ms. Sharon Needles being crowned the winner. There was talk of zombies and bloody things and applause from ghosts and all was as it should be. Three different endings were filmed for the finale, and though Ms. Needles is happy with the outcome, she tells Entertainment Weekly:

In all honesty, though, Chad and I were expecting a tie between me and her and that we would crack that crown in half, which would have been almost more of a pleasure and it would make more sense than to just have one of us beat Phi Phi.

Needles also says:

I guess the only thing I regret is not trying to invest more of a friendship and time with Willam. At the time I did have some hesitation - and maybe even some hostility - toward Willam because I knew that there were things going down. I was so stressed out. I'm not a rule follower, and I'm not someone who does what someone says, but in this competition, I was a prisoner, and I was listening to the warden. It did bother me to slither through a competition without really following the rules. But after the show ended - and me spending some time with her - she's one of the most giving, relevant, funny, witty, and - regardless of what Phi Phi says - one of the most talented queens I've ever met. With a beard or without.


And! Needles doesn't seem to believe the "reason" Willam gave for getting kicked off the show. (More on that here.) But you know, whatever. A Queen has been crowned, and she is creepy and divine. Long live the Queen!

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I swear... Willam Belli is the next Weird Al Yankovic. Except with less kitsch, more crass. I hope he's around for a long time.

Warning: Video is incredibly NSFW.