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Julia Louis-Dreyfus is insanely famous and successful—she's the star of the new show Veep which premieres tonight on HBO—and she's managed to do it all in spite of having a huge disadvantage: curly hair. Whaaa? Well, most of us know that curly hair is beautiful, but one asshole of a producer at NBC tried to convince Julia otherwise during her early days at Saturday Night Live. She told journalist Adam Baer the story of some serious ridiculousness that resulted from the time that her hair was blown out because she was playing a character with straight hair in an SNL sketch:

[T]he following day, I was called into one of our producers' offices (as a side note, I should say that I have naturally curly hair), and he said to me, "Julia, I got a call from a bunch of NBC executives after last night's show, and they said that after seeing your hair straight, they all wanna fuck you."

This was apparently his way of trying to entice me into straightening my hair for the rest of season.

Needless to say: I was young and naïve, but I was so shocked that anyone would say anything like that, I just burst out laughing in a hysterical way. I didn't know what else to do.


Well, yes, that response is 110 percent correct, since, contrary to popular belief, the goal of every female comedian is not to make all the guys want to fuck them. And, even so, last time I checked, plenty of dudes were more than willing to fuck ladies with curly hair. Anyway, the insults didn't stop there. After she went on to land the role on Seinfeld, and it was becoming a bit of a hit, Julia ran into the same producer at NBC.

[H]e said to me, "Hey, Julia, I see they're letting you do your hair the way you want now."

That's apparently all he took away from my "Seinfeld" contribution.

The irony of it was that not only did I make my hair curly on "Seinfeld," which may have been a huge mistake now that I think about it, but I enhanced the curl and made it HUGE!

I wonder if that hair wasn't some kind of reaction.

I was saying: 'Not only is this hair going to be curly, it's going to be crazy curly. Take that, motherfucker!!'"

Take that, motherfucker, indeed.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep) on Her Funniest "Note" [Glass Shallot]


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