A producer on Italy's version of The Voice talks to the New York Times about Suor Cristina, the singing nun currently competing: "It was not just picking a nun. It was picking that specific nun. She is young. She is talented. She fits perfectly the spirit of the show." A reverend adds: "Today faith is the last transgression."


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Just one note on the article: J-Ax's eventual conversion to Catholicism isn't part of the narrative at all. As a fortysomething Italian, J-Ax was very likely baptized and took his sacraments up to a certain point, which was still the default option when he was a child. Suor Cristina's statement of intent was to preach the word of the Lord to the people through her music, but J-Ax is not her obvious target. He doesn't need converting, because he's very likely a non-practicing Catholic already, like most Italians these days.