A power lunch to end them all: Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Nancy Pelosi sat down with New York Times' Philip Galanes to talk immaculate suits, hand gestures, marriage, each other, and the "attraction business":

JLD: There are lots of parallels between show business and politics. Now, we're just making entertainment, and people in government are trying to change the world. But staying alive politically or in show business, you need to present an image of yourself that works.

NP: We're both in the attraction business. Politicians are trying to attract people to issues. But there's nothing like the celebrity that Julia brings to an issue because people pay attention to her. She gives people hope that things can change.


Also in this interview, Nancy Pelosi turned a chair around and straddled it "like Sally Bowles in Cabaret" after being asked if there was something she does to make men more comfortable with her power. YASS GAGA.

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This is actually the greatest thing. Both come off as thoughtful, articulate, and advocates for the causes they care about.