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A Penis Enlargement Technique That Works—And Is Only Kind of Terrifying

Illustration for article titled A Penis Enlargement Technique That Works—And Is Only Kind of Terrifying

Things are looking up for guys in the market for a penis enlargement. It appears some researchers from Korea University have found a method that is actually effective—and you don't even have to reply to some sketchy spam email to get it. The results of their research were recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, and it turns out they used the same thing some ladies use for their faces, Restylane. After injecting Restylane into 50 men's penises, they found that there was average increase in circumference (or girth) of 4 cm. That increase still held 18 months later.


The procedure was definitely not without its drawbacks. It required them to use a "hefty" needle to inject an average of 20.5 cc of the Restylane, which is a little under an ounce, using "a back-and-forth technique" into the deep soft tissue layers of the penis. Ouch! But it didn't end there, "the product was then ‘homogenized with a roller.'" That sounds deeply unpleasant—though it's definitely better than surgery and certainly faster than using a penis extender.


Package deal: Injections make penis grow, study finds [MSNBC]

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Ok, maybe I'm just being a silly virgin here, but from talking to others, I always got the impression it's not so much that size matters, it's how you use what you've got that counts? I always think of Angela from Bones,"Take Sully for a little test drive. Maybe he's got unlimited mileage. That'll make up for the fact he's a sub-compact." I think that when the time comes I would rather have a man who was a caring and compassionate lover than one who simply had an enormous schwanstucker! Plus, ouch.