A pair of pen pals — Thelma Symonds, 85, and Chauncey Christofferson, 96, wed Tuesday at the Kimberley Hall nursing home in Windsor, Connecticut. The pair began their courtship "the old-fashioned way" by writing one another for seven months before ever meeting in person. Their correspondence began when Christofferson responded to an article that Symonds wrote in a military magazine about her late husband. After the epistolary courtship, Christofferson decided to meet Symonds in person and arrived at her room at Kimberley Hall unannounced. Regarding wedding nerves, Symonds said, "I just feel plain excited." [UPI]


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Erin Gloria Ryan

Good for them!

Sort of related, but if you want to feel sparkley inside for days and you have grandparents that are still around and in letter writing form, write one of them a handwritten letter. The responses I get from my grandma are thoughtful and funny and cute, because that generation really knew how to write letters.

Plus the spidery grandma handwriting makes me happy.