"A nomination for DuVernay would have made history, making her the very first African-American woman nominated for Best Director. In addition, she would have been the fifth woman ever nominated. The Motion Picture Academy has been handing out awards for excellence for 86 years, and only four women have ever been nominated. Eighty-six years. Four women," writes Jezebel alum Dodai Stewart on Selma director Ava DuVernay's ridiculous Oscar snub. Read the full article here.


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There is one thing my 40 years of blackness has taught me. There is nothing I do that a white male does not believe he can do better. Just by my sheer presence in a job, I have had many helpful snippets of advice & training from white males who have never done my job or have any work experience in my field. While I was hopeful DuVernay would get her Oscar nod, I wouldn't have bet a thin dime on it. Now let me go back to wrestling and arguing with my direct reporting underling who just started learning to edit and do motion effects 6 months ago and who I have to fight with EVERY DAY as he refuses to listen to my directions and insists on interrupting me when I give him notes on his work. But, progress, he's just my 15 year junior and Asian. #notallwhitemales