A New Makeup Straight Out Of Your Wet 'N Wildest Dreams!

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  • Wet 'N Wild is doing a line of mineral makeup. Thank you, Gods! Finally, a line of mineral makeup for the people who really are too drunk to wash their faces before bed and too old to feel comfortable doing this anymore and therefore willfully buy into the myth that mineral makeup won't seep into your pores in your sleep no matter how long it's been since you changed your pillowcase. Because I know a few of those people, and they definitely can't afford to shop at Sephora. [WWD]
  • Oh noes! It is going to be a bad year for Volcom, according to an analyst. Volcom is like the Abercrombie & Fitch of skater boys and the girls who so desperately crave their affirmation, only their motto is "Youth Against Establishment" instead of "No Coloreds Allowed" or whatever. Confession: I secretly used to own some Volcom products. I just like the logo. Did I just admit that to you? Please forget that immediately. [Yahoo! Finance]
  • It's also a bad season for the clothing companies that used to maybe appeal to your mom but somehow your mom is too cool for them anymore. Talbots is exiting some business, Chico's stock is in the shitter and Liz Claiborne is trying to unload its Ellen Tracy brand on someone because they're fucked too. [WSJ]
  • But it was an awesome season for the world's premier purveyor of granny dresses and tapered stonewashed jeans! [Barron's]
  • That fashion thief of London strikes again. Good heavens, where is the New Yorker piece on this person already? [WWD]
  • A UK retail critic visits a Mexx store and finds a helpful staff but a website with "atrocious spelling." [Times of London]

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Does it make me too girly to suggest that Biscuit have a monthly makeup column? Also (sorry, off topic) I know I've been gone for a month but what happened to our book club idea? I need something new to read!