A new kind of "ladies" vodka called Damskaya is being marketed to women in Russia, and according to Reuters, it's "designed to be sipped with salad after a workout in the gym." Damskaya was invented by Igor Volodin, who says, "Women need a drink of their own... In Moscow, there are pink taxis for ladies, there are light cigarettes," he said. "But there was no vodka, and we asked ourselves: 'Why?'" Not everyone is enamored with this new product, particularly Yuri Sorokin, a psychologist who runs a rehab clinic in Moscow. 60% of his alcoholic patients are women, and many are the wives of millionaires. Sorokin said to Reuters, "I believe that female alcoholism is a huge problem in Russia. I believe it is as huge and hidden as the underwater part of an iceberg." [Reuters]

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