A New Crop Of Reality Star Run-Ins With The Law

This week in reality-TV-star downward spirals features the arrests of Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 and Real Housewives of New Jersey's Joe Giudice, as well as an internal affairs investigation of Steven Seagal in Jefferson Parrish where he shot A&E's Steven Seagal: Lawman.

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Jenelle Evans—the Teen Mom 2 star who signed over custody of her son to her mother—was arrested Sunday night for the third time in as many months after a video was posted on YouTube (above) of Evans violently attacking another girl. The fight was apparently over Evans' boyfriend Kieffer Delp. When then Oak Island Police went to Evans' home they also arrested Delp based on a warrant for a cocaine charge stemming from last year. Evans is charged with assault and "affray for fighting." Her attorney says she was "set up." Earlier this year Evans and Delp were busted for marijuana possession and Evans is also facing charges of injury to personal property for allegedly breaking her Delp's iPhone and a charge of misdemeanor breaking and entering.

Teresa Giudice's husband Joe was arrested at the couples home on Friday and for allegedly fraudulently obtaining a state driver's license for allegedly using his brother's identifying information to obtain a license from the Patterson branch of the DMV in June 2010 after his own license was suspended for DWI. (Giudice's license has been suspended 9.4 years out of the last 20.) For this latest offense, Giudice faces more than 10 years in state prison if found guilty. His bail was set at $50,000 with no 10% option. He's being charged with wrongfully using the ID of another person and for forgery. In January, Giudice was ordered to pay his former business partner $260,000 for forging his signature on mortgage documents.

Lastly, Steven Seagal is shooting a new reality show in Arizona with Lou Ferrigno in which the two are part of a law inforcement "immigration posse." It turns out that Seagal left Jefferson Parish's sheriff department in Louisiana where he had filmed his A&E reality show to avoid an ongoing internal affairs investigation for sexual assault.



Looks like the video was removed, but having not seen it, I do feel sorry for Jenelle. Yes, she's making TERRIBLE choices for herself and compounding her problems but I really see the root of all this as being having never felt loved. Ever. Keiffer sucks and is a deadbeat but he says "I love you," to her and she's so desperate to be loved by someone that that is all it takes.

Maybe it's partly because her mom reminds me of my mom. I made better choices than Jenelle, but I know how it feels to feel alone and unloved in the world even as a very small child. I'd bet good money that Babs was telling Jenelle what a loser she was long BEFORE she did anything irresponsible or any out of the ordinary acts of teenage rebellion. My mom called me a liar long before I ever lied to her and accused me of dong drugs when I had not even ever considered using them; at some point you decided that if you're going to be treated like a lying POS no matter what you do, you may as well be a lying POS. This changed for me when I got older, but it took some time and a lot of self-examination.